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curso "Abelian varieties in algebraic integrable systems"

Contents: 6 lectures, each one 55 min., given in Spanish with slides in English.   



Thursday november 3

Friday november 4

Tuesday november 8

Wednesday november 16

Thursday november 17

Friday november 18


Description of the first 3 lectures.


Lecture 1. Algebraic curves, Abelian varieties, and algebraic integrable systems.


- A first example:  The classical Euler top on so(3). Equations of motion, elliptic curve, linearization.

- Abelian varieties: definitions, basic properties, examples. Jacobi varieties (algebraic and analytical description).

- Algebraic integrable systems. Examples. Historical remarks. 

- Exercises.


Lecture 2. Algebraic integrable systems and the Painlevé property.


- More properties of Abelian varieties: divisors, linear systems, embedding to projective space. 

- The essence of the Kovalevskaya--Painlevé (KP) analysis: Laurent series solutions, Kowalewski exponents, the theorems of

   Adler & van Moerbeke and of Yoshida, and their generalizations.

- Geometric interpretation of the KP analysis.

- Examples: the Euler top again, the Clebsch integrable case of the Kirchoff equations. 


Lecture 3.  Lax representation and spectral curves.


- What really is a Lax representation of an integrable system. Examples. 

- The eigenvector map to the Jacobian of the spectral curve S. Linearization of the flow on the Jacobian.

- The problem of separation of variables. 

- Spectral curves with an involution and Prym subvarieties of the Jacobian. 

- Relation between the Jacobian of S and the complex invariant manifold of the system.  

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